About Achary Factory

My name is Zach Meyer (@ThePsychicGamer) and I am an artist with a passion for several media. From traditional oil painting to animation and video game design, I have a deep passion for creating art. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been creating.

Because of my love for art, I have decided to create this website, Achary Factory, to be able to present my creations to you. So for anyone who is interesting in seeing what I am working on, this is for you.

The name of this website is peculiar. It was something I thought up of when I was very young as a sort of brand for all of my ideas, stories and creations. Similar to Andy Warhol’s studio’s name, The Factory, the name fits what I am currently building and planning to make in the future. For me, this is a place for developing works of my expression that I want to show.

The symbol is reminiscent to the archaic symbol for alchemy. This fits the theme for my work because alchemy is creating new from basic elements. Even further, Alchemy is scene as a branch between magic and science and thus holds ties to that of humanity’s spirit and understanding of the physical world. These are essential to creating so I hold these concepts close to my heart.

Achary Factory is the world of my art. I hope you enjoy.